Masks for ALL custom mask

Material: 100% cotton


~ gentle adjustable elastic ear loops with slits to insert strings if desired

~ removable aluminum nose wire 

~ filter pocket

Choose your own colors and size!

CUSTOM Mask 4 ALL - Your Colors, Your Size

$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
Nose Bridge Wire
Nose to Chin Size in Inches
Ear to Ear in Inches
Elastic Type
  • Masks for ALL is a very durable mask and I took extra measures to make it reusable for the longest time possible.

    The mask is nose fitted with aluminum wire and you will be able to change the wire yourself. I advise removal of wire during washing or fold it with a mask to keep it in place during a wash cycle.

    Gentle elastic ear bands won't rub your ears when fitted properly. You will also be able to replace the elastic once it wears out.

    To refit the mask should you have to, you can rip the sides of the mask that encase the elastic and readjust them. With a basic sewing skills and kit you will be able to do it yourself. 

About the masks


All masks are made of 100% cotton (unless stated otherwise) and are pre-washed, hence some may look wrinkled ; )

I recommend you wash your mask daily, or after 4-6 hours of use. Wash in warm soapy water, if machine washing remember to remove the nose wire (recommended). You can wash your mask on regular cycle. Air dry, iron, and wear again. 

Filter Ideas

You can make an easy filter with a folded tissue paper, kitchen (or shop) paper towel, a cotton handkerchief, or even with a cut HEPA filter (some manufacturers weave metal particles into filtering material, so do your part and research the material you're using). PM 2.5 charcoal activated filters fit most masks, but their best purpose is filtering dust rather than bacteria or viruses. 

For virus protection Halyard Sterilization Material can be used (purchase in my online store) and it is the material that surgical masks are made with. Clean Halyard under UVc light or spray thoroughly with 70% alcohol, allow it to air dry completely before reuse. If you would like to try the Halyard filter write me a note and I will include a sample with your mask order. This is the filter I use. 

Nose bridge wire

You can purchase extra nose bridge wire from my store. All masks arrive with the softer more pliable wire. If you are ordering Custom Mask, you will have a choice which nose bridge wire you'd prefer. If you are ordering from available stock, you can write me a note if you want a stronger nose piece, so I can switch it for no extra charge. 

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