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Get to Know Tjasa
and the Concept of  Soma-Therapies


A B O U T  me

Tjasa Cerovsek Landes, LMT

Manual Therapist 

Movement Educator

I am a passionate student of the body and applied anatomy.

My story begins in Celje Slovenia, a country in the former Yugoslavia, just south of the Alps.

I took early interest in yoga and studied Sanskrit even before I started high school. I was always a self motivated student of languages and yoga practices, and traveled through Europe and India learning about cultures and healing practices.

My first massage in a village in India changed my body about my mind, leading me to formal bodywork studies; first in London UK, and thereafter in Gainesville, Florida, a place I am now happy to call home. I still continue to study different approaches to somatic practices 

throughout the United States and Europe. 

I have a big heart for all animals and enjoy all sorts of movement - Feldenkrais, Trager Mentastics, Body-Mind Centering, Yoga, reflex integration, and more.

I love nature, cats, dogs, dog training, dog behavior and having fun together. I spend most of my free time with my dogs learning to become Search and Rescue team, and help find missing persons. 

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Touch, Movement, Growth

I have over the past 19 years developed my own unique approach to bodywork. My experience is rooted in over 15,000 hours of clinical work, international continuing education, plus several thousand hours of self-structured study. 

I am continuously striving to expand own horizons and integrate new scientific concepts into my work with clients. 

My Manual Therapy Approach is a multi system approach, attending equally to nervous, lymphatic, vascular, gastrointestinal as well musculoskeletal and fascial systems. As a result, treatments for each client are individualized and responsive to specific needs in the moment.

My Movement Education Approach stems from extensive studies in yoga, sensory-motor and developmental reflex integration. 

Human body is an incredible resource for learning and growth.

Through touch we can establish safety. 

Through movement we can explore and grow.

This is my way of awakening the highest potential in each individual. 

Om śanti

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