Each mask will arrive with one nose piece wire. 

If you want to have extras, you can order here.

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What is the difference?

Soft aluminum wire is very gentle on your nose. It will hold shape untill you remove mask, each time you will have to make little adjustments. 

Medium stiff wire is still quite gentle on the nose, but firmer. It will hold shape with multiple mask removals. 

Very stiff wire is quite stiff and will not be easily reshaped. In fact, you will need tools to shape it in the first place. Not my favorite, but fair to offer to anyone looking for extra firmness.

Nose Bridge Wire (EXTRAS)

Nose Bridge Wire

    About your mask


    All masks are made of 100% cotton and are pre-washed.

    I recommend you wash your mask daily, or after 4-6 hours of constant use. Wash in warm soapy water, if machine washing remove the aluminum nose wire (recommended) and wash on regular cycle. 


    You can make an easy light filter with a folded tissue paper, kitchen paper towel, a cotton handkerchief, or a cut HEPA filter. You can also purchase PM25 charcoal activated filters form many online stores. They will fit even small masks, but may be a bit large for smaller children's masks if you are custom ordering. 

    Nose bridge wire

    You can purchase extra nose bridge wires from me. Aluminum wire is what all masks arrive with. If you want stronger nose piece, I can include it in your order for no extra charge. 

    Aluminum wires can be purchased separately as well.

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